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Christians Helping Christians is a local group of business people, church organizers and hundreds of local Christians like you... all connected by faith and participating on The Living Bulletin®.

Are you interested in helping others, increasing your faith, building a richer sense of community or getting better connected to the local Colorado Springs Christian community? Then become a member, now.

Help Other Christians Near You
Ever walk out of church motivate to help others, but just didn't know where to find local people in need?
Discover Christian Happenings Near You
There's lots going on... get out there and discover where you fit in and can help the most!

  • Learn about Events, Activities & Meetings
  • Keep up with Ministry News & Opportunities
  • Check Out Featured Churches & Ministries
  • Tap into Professional Opportunities
    Would you like to give your business to Christians who give back to the community? Would you like to network and get more business for yourself?

  • Support Christian Companies Near You
  • View Classifieds / Help Wanted
  • Browse Members by Expertise
  • Enjoy Social Networking Near You
    Want to feel better connected to your local Christian Community? Would you like to find people who share your same interests?

    The Living Bulletin®
    Stay Informed, Get Connected, Build Community

    Members receive an interactive email that empowers everyone to participate, stay informed and help each other out.

    Share prayer requests, post classifieds, making comments, view member profiles, request help, register for events, volunteer for ministries and much more!

    It's super easy!

    1.) Get a deadline reminder
    2.) Post your content
    3.) Get the Living Bulletin via email
    4.) Follow a link and start interacting

    It's really that simple!


    Christian ministry organizers, event producers, church leaders and meeting managers are able to manage and promote their Christian events, meetings, and activities for free using the Ministry Helper prgram. (see below)

    Members are able to click to follow and provide feedback about items of interest to them.

    Free Member Profiles
    Promote your life and
    communicate the essense of your Christian Spirit!

    In about 5 minutes, create your account and use our profile wizard to share your:
    • Interests
    • Skills & Expertise
    • Contact Info
    • About Me Info

    • Faith Statements
    • Profile Images & Avatars
    • Inspriations
    • Good Works Histories
    • News Feeds
    Plus, members are able to quickly create and publish their:
    • Resume
    • Company Information
    • Ministry Information
    • And Much More!

    The Ministry Helper
    Our Ministry is to Serve Your Ministry

    Do you operate a local prayer group, ministry, event or activity?

    The Ministry Helper offers technology tools, promotional services and website apps to assist people who serve others.

    Many free services are provided to members of our local Christian Community.

    In return, we simply ask that you'll consider an upgrade to get even more good stuff and to help us pay the bills.

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